P3DS is dedicated to

empowering industry

experts and helping our

clients achieve their

strategic ambitions.

Who We Are


What makes us great

P3DS is a company of project managers and training experts committed to listening, understanding and responding to our customers’ needs. This enables us to use our depth of experience and our unique non-conventional expertise to equip them with powerful solutions to their most pressing challenges. Our team are the heartbeat behind our business. They provide operational continuity for our clients


How we make you great

P3DS offers a comprehensive set of consulting and delivery services, ranging from spend and capability reviews to the design and implementation of strategic sourcing and supplier management programmes. Our clients are as diverse as the assets we manage – covering a broad range of industries including business services, consumer products, defence and aerospace, oil and gas, and utilities.

What We Do

P3DS Consulting
offers a comprehensive value-driven service

We have over 10+ years of highly successful experience in consulting, project management, controls, procurement and other services ranging from portfolio, contract management to training programmes.

We are committed to value and analytical approach, innovation and service excellence, being a responsible business and supporting the businesses in which we collaborate with.

Want Strategies For Intuitive Growth & Success?

Find out what P3DS Consulting can do for you and why we believe
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Why P3DS?

This is why
you can trust us…

At P3DS Consulting, we enjoy an exemplary reputation for delivering effective management services to a vast number of successful businesses throughout the UK.

Our highly personalised approach combined with meticulous attention to detail provides a unique ability to forge lasting partnerships, the kind it takes to deliver end results that are both measurable and sustainable.

Different Approach

We provide a profoundly different experience to your people in order to drive a different response from your suppliers.

Industry Standard

We are trained project managers, business analyst, PMO analyst & project planner with fluency in collaborative agile tools.

Cost Effective

We provide value and cost effectiveness which will enable your organisation to achieve significant growth and savings.

Innovative Control

We enable you realize control over your business, boost innovation, creativity, productivity, efficiency & competitiveness.

Analytical Process

Our analytical processes and attention to detail and work will ensure we find the right solution for your business.

Service Excellence

We understand that every project and client is different which is why we put our clients’ needs at the heart of every project.

Our Training Programmes

Classes and training courses to help you get started and become a leader in your career.

Project Management

Project Management

This course helps you gain valuable project management skills, knowledge and confidence required to execute large scale global projects and lead on strategy and management.
Project Controls

Project Controls

This course equips you with the right tools and gives you a deeper level of understanding to boost your competency in controlling your projects.

Our clients Testimonials…